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Welcome to Sehtarth Foundation, where compassion meets action to create a positive impact on lives and communities.

About Us

Charity healthy people better world

Our mission is to empower individuals and communities to break the cycle of poverty, access quality education, and promote health and well-being.

Promote Access to Healthcare For Children

Connects Nonprofits, Donors in Every Country

Growing up in poverty, children face many challenges: hunger and health problems, limited access to education

Let us work together to make a difference

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Our Work

We Promote Sustainability

Planting trees and protecting nature are vital acts of stewardship that resonate with the essence of sustainable living. Trees, the lungs of our planet, play a crucial role in purifying the air we breathe, providing habitat for diverse species, and mitigating the impacts of climate change.


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Save the Nature

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When we engage in tree-planting initiatives and embrace the responsibility of preserving our natural surroundings, we contribute to a healthier, more balanced ecosystem. It is a simple yet powerful way to safeguard biodiversity, combat deforestation, and foster a harmonious coexistence with nature.

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Planting Trees

Conserving Nature

Reducing The Use Of Pesticides

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